I began modeling on a whim for an independent fashion company's runway show in Little Tokyo, California. I have always been a bigger body type, and occasionally denied myself opportunities for creative expression that I might have taken if I was thinner. With these small, volunteer shoots and shows, I have learned to value my body in ways I did not previously.

Most modeling I do is for fun and for free. I don't consider this path a staple in my professional life, so if you have something you would like me to model for you, I'll probably do it for a cup of coffee and good conversation.

That being said, if you WOULD LIKE to pay me, who am I to tell you how to live your life?

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Height: 5'7"

Bust: 45"

Waist: 36 1/2"

Inseam: 29"

Hips: 46"

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Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 1.51.51 PM
Screen shot 2017-11-20 at 8.31.09 PM

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