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Published by JMS Books in Feb 2021


With a writing time of 5 years and an overwhelmingly positive critical reception, "The Railwalkers" is by far my most accomplished published work. It tells the story of Violet, a free spirited heiress who escapes her home town after being falsely accused of murder. On the run, she meets and joins the infamous Railwalker gang, a band of gunslinging vigilantes who dispense justice on the wild frontieer.

After the success of both the paperback and the audiobook, "The Railwalkers" has been adapted for streaming, and is currently being pitched to various producers, directors and studios.

The Railwalkers 🏳️‍🌈

Violet Donovan

Mei Wong



Published by JMS Books, 2023

In a modern, magical New York City, tensions between those with and those without Magickal ability are constant. The Templar Order for National Organization, or TONO, was established years ago as a special task force to keep paranormally gifted citizens in line. Magi -- especially those in bigger cities -- live under the thumb of the government. Special curfews, taxes, laws and rules are enforced with impunity, and for Magi with “illegal” abilities, like Kasey, the price of freedom could be too steep to pay.

Published by JMS Books, 2022

This summer love romance of the 1980's is a fond look into the past. When Wes Peters, local prom king and dream boy, falls from grace, his only refuge is in the friendship of Nicky Hoffman, a high school drop out and metalhead. That friendship soon dips into romance as Wes discovers his sexuality. But when the sins of his father are made his problem, that romance is his only defense against the world.

Published by JMS Books, 2021

Adult Romance, Erotica


What happens when you've met the right person in the wrong place at the wrong time? That's a question Penelope Sweet finds herself faced with after falling into the clutches of Angelo DeRossi, the handsome owner of the Golden Palace Nightclub, and the soon to be leader of the DeRossi crime family.

Published first by Less Than Three Press, 2015 (Penname Rosie Aikman)

Published by JMS Books, 2021

Romance, LGBTQ, Contemporary

A cute, low stakes romance between a closeted action hero and his number one fan. Against all odds, Ethan and Finn navigate the harrowing landscape of Hollywood, and the pressure that comes with secretly dating in an era of smartphones, jealous co-stars, and bloodthirsty paparazzi. 




Published by American Star Books, 2010

My first book, written at 18, published at 19. Am I proud of it? Yes. Is it good? No. Is it available? No. Will I ever rerelease it?

Not on your life.

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