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Ladies of Fortune Kickstarter and Proof of Concept

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In 2017, before I had even gotten my degree, I had an idea. Being obsessed with the pirates of the Golden Age, I came up with a concept for a television show surrounding the story of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, and wrote my first draft. I approached my friend and talented actor, Damien Gerard to play the lead villain, Captain Ben Hornigold. 

Fast forward to May of 2022. I have my degree in screenwriting, optioned my first film, and have four books under my belt. I meet up with an old friend who gives me the idea to start a Kickstarter to film a proof of concept to sell to studios. Damien is still on board, and so we kick off the project on June 1st.

As of today, June 20th, we are funded, and gaining traction. I cannot put to words the depth of my awe and excitement for this project. I have a small crew of like-minded and passionate people ready to bring my vision to life, with the sincere belief that it will get to television. 

The Proof of Concept will be filming this September, 2022.

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