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Optioned by Paul Baker of

I met Paul through the query process on Ink Tip after responding to an open call for low budget horror. We bonded over our mutual admiration for classic monster movies, and a passion for the story I was writing. The script went through a few subsequent rewrites, with Paul as my creative partner. He pulled the trigger and optioned HotDD in late 2021.

Hair of the Dog Diner


A greasy spoon waitress must survive the night while a werewolf prowls outside her 90's diner.

Pitches and IP


Big Bad Wolfe 👻
Unassuming victims of bullying reach out to a cybernetic boogeyman for help, and in the end, pay their debt with their lives.


Gold Digger 😂🎭
A blonde bombshell marries an older man for his wealth, only to get saddled as the CEO of his Fortune 500 company upon his death.


Heisters 😂👪
A group of sticky-fingered highschool seniors decide to expose their corrupt gym teacher with the heist of a lifetime.

Bloodline 👻🎭📖
Against the backdrop of WWI, a combat vet must save his sister before she marries the son of Dracula.

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Ladies of Fortune 💥🎭
Bloodthirsty pirate queens Anne Bonny and Mary Read rip through the seven seas of the 18th century, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake.


The Railwalkers 🎭📖
A woman falsely accused of murder escapes her home town with her life, only to join a gang of gunslinging vigilantes, finding love and dispensing justice on the wild frontier.

Thicker than Water 👪👻
Two disaffected goth teenagers meet and befriend the bright and sunny new girl, who happens to be a witch on the run.

Monsters 😂👻
Reality TV. A portrait style docu-series that highlights the actors behind your favorite commercial haunts (ie: Knotts, Queen Mary, etc). Each episode is 1/2 personal bio, 1/2 maze scare cam.