The Woman Behind the Words

So you've already seen my work, but what about me as a person? Well other than my part time position as a bog witch in training, I have a lot of hobbies and interests outside of writing that I've collected over the years in place of having a personality.



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First, let's talk about my babies. The black one is Dorian Oscar, who was my pandemic surprise in May 2020. I found him under my car and absolutely fell in love.  He's a huge sweetheart, which makes up for the fact that he is, under no uncertain terms, an idiot. 

The white one is Cirilla, my partner's cat. About 2 weeks into working at a new cat rescue, he started going on and on about one of the animals there in need of a home. Ciri has gone through a rough life, so we're trying to provide a place for her that's safe and full of love. She's still getting used to things, but hopefully she'll figure it out soon.

Of course, I wouldn't be anywhere without my dad, my friends, or my loving partner. At one time or another, everyone in my support system has helped me when I needed it most. They've seen me at my lowest, most ugly points, and they've seen me at my highest. They've encouraged me to be as happy and healthy as I am today, which is no small feat.

Growing up, I was not in a stable environment. Without the people I have in my life now, I might have turned out to be a much different person. I am so incredibly thankful for all the love and kindness I've gotten over the years.

I've also promised them a mansion when I get rich, so there's that.

So what do I do for fun? Depends on the day.

I'm into a lot of things. Alternative fashion, cosplay, video games, art... Just about anything that seems interesting to me at the time I'll try.  I've modeled Japanese dresses, been paid as a professional tarot reader, done scratch and voice over work, was in a rock band for six months, been a scare actor, an improv actor, and a Shakespeare actor, started a YouTube channel, been a self taught tailor, dabbled in the occult, and have a lion's share of hours logged onto my Animal Crossing island. 

Often, my hobby life will lend me skills or know-how to apply to my career. I can't tell you how many times the weird facts I've accumulated over the years has helped me research a topic or given me ideas for my work. 

Also pirates. I am OBSESSED with anything pirate related.

<- that's my personal pirate flag