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Spec Scripts for Download


Our Flag Means Death (Spec)

After the separation of Stede Bonnet and Edward Teach, Blackbeard has resurfaced in order to help Ed process his grief. In doing so, he and his new crew set out to take over a Spanish fort. Meanwhile, Stede finds his abandoned men on the island, and must come to terms with the fact that Edward might be too broken hearted to reckon with.

Download Here


What We Do In The Shadows (Spec)

Guillermo has once again left the mansion, and Nandor has come face to face with the possibility that he might never come back. Laszlo, meanwhile, is hopeful that he can revive his relationship with the Once Baby Collin Robinson by reminding him of their year together, and Nadja, in a funk since the club went under, is on her way back on top only to find a very devious surprise with her name on it.

Download Here

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