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Book One

After losing her magic, Sylva, the misfit of her family, turns to a life as a sellsword, known only as "the Night Sparrow." But when her homeland is threatened by a mysterious curse, only she can
brave the dangers of the world to save her loved ones.

The Night Sparrow is an epic fantasy with an intimate touch. Set in the world of the Shattered Dominion, book one introduces us to our morally questionable heroine, Sylva. Sylva is what's known as a Soleiden, or "Sun Elf." Eiden of the Dominion are known as the first people of the earth, and in effect, many are gifted magical abilities by way of their deity, the Mother Sun. The Soleiden hail from a country called Rosenguild, just above the southern desert, the Scorched Seas.


In Eiden culture, color is a blessing, a fact which directly correlates to the vivid spectrum of hair color for Soleiden and Luneiden (Moon Elf) alike. Eiden society is matriarchal in nature, with each major community led by a High Priestess. For Sylva's birth city, Rosenguild d'Llyn, that High Priestess is none other than her own mother, Gwendolyn. A fact that weighs heavy on everyone when she finally returns home two decades later. 

The Night Sparrow is inspired by a number of things. First and foremost, I take a lot of inspiration from the popular table top role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons,  which I've been playing for the better part of two decades now. (Ask me about my level 19 water genasi swashbuckler). 


In addition to D&D, The Night Sparrow is also inspired by things like The Witcher, Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Game of Thrones, and much, much more.

Most of my books come from a personal place one way or another, and The Night Sparrow is no exception. While I began this journey with only a desire to escape into my own fantasy world, the more I wrote, the more I explored themes of disability, social rejection, family fractures, overwhelming expectations, gaslighting and more. 

While it is not necessarily meant to be a "heavy," book, I intend for it to be a sincere one, as I do every project I put into the world. 

As of today, March 2022, it's still in the process of being written. If you would like an up to date status on the book, please consider following me on Twitter, as I share all my progress in real time with my followers.


Publisher and Date: TBA

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